Folkie Doings

From The Folknik Jan/Feb 1999


Margot Beattie and Phil Morgan married on October 18.

Carla Beebe and Todd Silverstein married December 20.

Rick Dougherty and Elizabeth Eliassen married October 24.

Congratulations to all from all of us!

Other news...

Don Burnham, Bobby Black and Mark Holzinger, all of Lost Weekend are in the band of the hit musical comedy CHAPS! running at the San Jose Stage Company through Jauary 17.

Kay Eskenazi is the new Song Pages editor. Mail songs to her at 3055 23rd St., SF 94115 or Email

Dave Lippman's first album in 5 years is "I Hate Walmart". $11 CD, $10 tape from Urgent Records, POBox 781, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. Includes "Teenage Welfare Mothers on Drugs"

Cheryl McDonald is new SFFMC membership factotum. Please get new addresses, dues renewals and such necessities in promptly!

Danny Poullard's birthday will be celebrated at Ashkenaz Jan. 23; dance lesson at 8, music and cake 9:30; then more dancing.

Scott Renfort whose illness was reported in the last folknik is recovering well and is in good spirits. The Nov. 22 benefit brought in $2,000 for medical expenses. About six weeks more of physical therapy are estimated.

April Wayland moved from SF to southern California some 20 years ago and missed SFFMC so much she started the Santa Monica Folk Club which is still going strong. Meantime she has published several acclaimed books and tapes for children. Her latest, "It's Not MY Turn to Look for Grandma" containing this and several other stories has received the National Parenting Publications Gold Award.

Gary Wayland, husband of April, does the Federal 501(c)3 taxes and reports for the Santa Monica Club and has volunteered to do the same, free of charge, for SFFMC. This is indeed help far beyond the call of duty!!!

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