Labor Day, 2000, Boulder Creek

From The Folknik Jul/Aug 2000

General Info

The S.F. Folk Music campout will again be at Boulder Creek Scout Reservation, near Boulder Creek, (off Highway 9, south of Big Basin State Park) on Bear Creek Road. This is the same place as the July 4 campout.

We will send a confirmation letter and directions to the camp after you register. Please register early; Mr. Ranger wants to get an approximate count of people attending before we arrive. The registration form is below on this page.

Parking and Unloading

We have to park our vehicles in the parking lot; we cannot drive directly into the campsites. Two or three cars at a time will be allowed to go on the paved road only, not into the sites, to unload gear and reload at the end of camp. Another method is to use the hand carts to carry gear to the campsites. Please pack as light as possible.

We will have SFFMC volunteers to register campers and direct parking. There will be signs designating the parking area. Please follow the directions of the people directing the parking.

Volunteers-Help Needed

Please plan to sign up for an hour of camp duty: registration and parking, cleanup (especially at the end of camp on Monday), or archery range (please be familiar with the equipment).

We always need parking lot volunteers (especially on Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday morning) and cleanup volunteers (on the last day-Monday).

The final camp cleanup includes the kitchen, litter patrol and restroom cleanup.  We can always use volunteers for these also. Please consider signing up for one of these essential jobs!

Please sign up on a volunteer list as soon as you can after arriving. Please, Please, Please - sign up for something-and show up!

Quiet Hours

We have neighbors directly across Bear Creek, so we have to be quiet after 10:00 p.m., which is the usual.

Saturday Night Potluck

We will have a community potluck at the outside dining area near the camp kitchen on Saturday night at 6:00 p.m., and a concert in the amphitheater afterwards. You can bring your potluck food and store it in the refrigerator in the kitchen until the dinner. There is also a freezer. Don't forget to label your food, and please do not leave any food in the refrigerator or freezer when you leave camp.

The kitchen has stoves we can use for heating food and is equipped with pots and pans, serving dishes and utensils, etc. Bring your own plates and silverware to the potluck dinner; paper plates and plastic utensils are suggested. Sorry, there's no dish washing machine.


We have hired a lifeguard for the pool , so bring your swim suit. This time we will not charge admission for swimming.


"Pack it in, pack it up." When you leave your campsite for home, please bag your trash and carry it to the ranger's trailer near the maintenance shed (it's across from the kitchen; look for signs). You can use the plastic bags hanging from the trash cans in your campsite. If you need a bag, ask one of the volunteers in the kitchen (there should be trash bags inside with the cleaning supplies or in one of the drawers).

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