Camp Harmony Thanks

From Ray Frank

From The Folknik Mar/Apr 2000

The turning of the year/century/millennium was celebrated in fine style at Camp Harmony. Those of you who were there have warm, hazy recollections of dancing and music, good food, camaraderie and much champagne.

This year the camp ran more smoothly than anyone can remember. Even the weather cooperated. But, at the self-congratulatory post-camp meeting of the Harmony committee, all was not well. We came to the realization that it was the volunteers, not the committee, that made it so extraordinary. We few couldn't claim credit, oh, darn!

Worse yet, the impossible task of thanking every person who helped fell on my inadequate shoulders. I have no idea of all the folks who helped! There were so many willing hands that everything got done smoothly.

I seem to remember Gary who ably ran the after-camp clean-up and Elizabeth who coordinated the dances and Lacy who did such a great job, oh yes, and Jane and Betine who organized the beverages, and, um, let me think here, Tee and her registration stalwarts, oh, and Maxine and Brendan who organized the supplies and Lynne who handled the lost and found. (Thanks, Lynne, for rescuing all my stuff!)

Then there was the super set-up crew, complete with sign makers. Oh, and Robert and crew who parked about a million cars. And the concerts happened because of Marian and Jerry. And the Swing night happened because of Chris. And there were workshops because Madge made 'em happen. Then, there was Faith who brought us all together. And Alexi who made sure that I didn't sneak onto the food line without my ticket...

Damn, I'm getting a case of hives worrying that I forgot the 90 or 100 most important people to thank. To all the Ralphs who pitched in, it wouldn't have been the same without you.

Muchisimas gracias,

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