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Memorial Day at Waterman Creek

In May, we return to Mark Levy's place among the redwoods of Santa Cruz County, on the way to Big Basin State Park, about an hour and a half from San Francisco. We've had a great time there the past two years. We have our usual campfire sings and jams without the usual 10:00 PM curfew imposed by state parks.

There are spaces throughout the 7.5 acres of woods for parking and tents, and two spaces where RVs can connect to electricity. For inclement weather there is a roofed, walled shelter, 30 feet in diameter.

Portable toilets will be provided. Water is available. Bring your own tables and chairs. Garbage can be recycled, burned, used for compost or carried out.

Work Party

Let's help ready the site a day or so before camp. Participants can camp free the days of the work party. Clean-up participants may stay Monday night without charge as well.

Also, at the end of camp Mark could use someone with a pickup to haul off trash and recycling.

Contact Ed Hilton, or 510-523-6533, for information about helping before and after camp.


We encourage advance reservations to get you directions and to give us an estimate of numbers attending. We are camping on land owned by SFFMC member Mark Levy, and parking is somewhat limited -- about 20 vehicles. Car pools are advisable. Click here for a registration blank. It is not necessary to be a folk club member to attend.


Pre-registrants receive a confirmation with a map and directions. If you register by mail, please send it in to be received by May 16 to allow time for the map and confirmation sheet to reach you. Contact Ed Hilton for directions if you have not received a map.

32nd Annual Free Folk Festival

The San Francisco Free Folk Festival will take place on June 21 and 22, 2008 on the same campus as last year - City College of San Francisco - but we have moved to a slightly different location on campus. We will be using the City College's brand new Performance Center, and gym and surrounding buildings, at 50 Phelan Avenue, SF. See the CCSF website ( or ours ( for maps and directions.

The festival is two full days of dances, workshops, concerts, an open mic, music and craft market place, and continual fun. Food is available on site. This event is for those who want to smile a lot, create new friendships, and be surrounded by music, dance, song and by a wonderful community! Admission to all events is FREE.

We are now on more bus routes and a few blocks from BART. There is also plenty of on-campus parking.


From late March on, the festival website is continually updated as performers and workshop leaders confirm: For last year's page, see Prior Festivals on the home page.

Be a Star!

Would you like to perform, lead a workshop, or volunteer?

It takes about 200 volunteers to make this festival happen. You can be one of them. Opportunities are numerous - from helping schedule performers to performing. And just so you don't think it's all work and no play, volunteers have been known to get jam sessions going in the instrument room, at the info desk, in the parking lot... Ron Saunders, ( ) coordinates volunteers and tasks before and during the festival. Please contact him to find a way to help. We also need:

Our Teens and Young Ones

We continue to expand the activities we have for young people during the festival. We continually brainstorm ideas, but we would still love to have ideas from you and your children. They are welcome to become involved as well. Our children are the future of the festival, the folk club, the music and dance we do and more! Help keep the spirit alive for future generations.

Fold-in/Folk Sing April 27

The fold-in is at noon, Sunday, April 27, at the home of Marian Gade, 136 Highland Blvd., Kensington, 510-524-9815.

The more, the merrier. Help with the folknik, enjoy a meal afterwards, and make music. Bring a potluck dish and instruments.

Geri McGilvray in Art Show

Congratulations to Geri, whose sketches not only often grace the folknik pages, but who was asked to submit a work for a juried art show at the Triton Museum of Art. A painting of her beloved dog Sebelius was accepted. This is a statewide painting competition and exhibition held once every two years. The exhibit runs through March 21. Come and visit an exciting art show and enjoy this beautiful museum.

Location: Triton Museum of Art, 1505 Warburton Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95050. Museum phone: 408-247-3754.

Harmony Recap and Thanks!

This year's Camp Harmony was a wonderful way to close out twenty plus years at Camps Campbell and Harmon. (Moving details in May/June folknik.)

Great Food! Our spectacular chef, Debby McClatchy, after 32 years, wowed us one last time with her pitch-perfect pecan chicken and enchanted herb-crusted pork loin, not to mention a New Year's Eve spread that was so delectable that for at least 20 minutes the usual din of new year's greetings and singing was reduced to a quiet hum of folkies chewing and smiling with delight over morsels of fine cheese, pate and chocolates! To honor Debby's three decades of service to SFFMC, we have awarded her free admission to Camp Harmony for life, and look forward to spending many more hours singing and playing with her! We won't cry for you, Debby, but our taste buds and stomachs might growl!

Great Songs and Tunes! Special thanks go to Bob Reid and Patience Young for leading two very special workshops that allowed some of us to serenade our farewell to our Santa Cruz mountain home.

Great Friends! After a serious dip in attendance last year, 2007-2008 saw the downward trend in attendance reverse for the first time in many years, thanks to returning folkies (after a hiatus) and a good show of new folks who we hope will become regulars! You know who you are! This increased attendance plus higher fees also meant that SFFMC did not lose money on Camp Harmony this year.

Great Fun! Special Thanks are due to the following people who sign up in advance to make camp run smoothly: Andrea Lehrer wrangled cups, (despite not being able to actually attend camp this year!); Bettine Wallin and Patience Young (and significant others, Lawrence Wallin and Mark Kartman) helped keep us warm through a dry but particularly chilly camp with mulled wine, hot cider and coffee and tea supplies; Bob Semple, who designed, built and set-up the concert stage shell; Cal Herrmann - concert soundman; Ellen Eagan and Jerry Michaels, who transported and set up the dance hall PA; Ellen Eagan - chore chart organizer; Jeremy Kammerer, who tuned, repaired and reconditioned pianos; Karen Chester-Spies for setting up arts-n-crafts and Laurie Vela for maintaining the crafts room and reorganizing YEARS of supplies; the Solomons for storing crafts for both Camp Harmony and Free Folk Festival; Marian Gade and Everyone who spent much time making sure that things ran smoothly at the reg table; and Nick Holbrook who is organizing Lost and Found. Dances were led and organized by Gary Breitbard, Katie and Michael Riemer, Mary Luckhardt, Quena Crain, Toby Blome and Fred Bialy.

The Harmony Committee works all year to make camp happen. The committee is: Charlie Fenton, Katie Riemer, David and Mary Luckhardt, Jane McKendry, Ray Frank, Robert Reed, Andrea Lehrer, Laurie Vela and Phillip Garrison.

And thanks to everyone who stepped up to be Ralph, our Folkie Fairy Godmother, who takes on all those unmentioned tasks before, during and after camp that need to get done so that everyone can get down and party in comfort and style!

Folk Orchestra & Choral Society

Beginning this summer: F.O.C.S - Music for Everyone. Come join us as we sing and play familiar folk tunes on a variety of instruments. You'll learn ensemble methods, meet new friends and have fun! Singers & instrumentalists are welcome.

If you're looking for a place to make music, already know some chords, can keep time and hold your part, you're right for this group. We'll hold twice monthly rehearsals in the East Bay, directed by Deborah, (DJ) Hamouris. Sliding scale fees. For more information or to register call 510-910-2574 or email