From The Folknik Mar/Apr 1998

Ingrid Noyes writes, on a serious subject . . .

To all my fellow folkies,

Here's the story: As Camp Harmony '97 was approaching, the Folknik printed a request for carpool drivers. Ever the community-minded sort, I called and offered to take a few people in my van. I was assigned two passengers, left home early, and went out of my way to give them rides to camp. No problem. But maneuvering in the parking lot at Camp Campbell, I backed into a tree stump by mistake. I got out and assessed the damage to the van. It was somewhat crunched but still driveable.

My front-seat passenger complained of pain in her neck, so I took her to see the nearest chiropractor, who diagnosed a strained muscle. He gave her an adjustment and prescribed Advil, rest, and a few more treatments or massages. She asked me about my car insurance. I said I'd look into it, but that I'd rather pay for her treatment than file a claim and have my insurance rates go up. She went home after a few days and went to see her massage therapist, a chiropractor, and an orthopedic surgeon--and filed a claim against my insurance to pay for it. I only found out about this when my insurance company called me to get a statement.

I'm in shock! I feel bad that she's hurt, and I feel embarrassed because I generally consider myself to be an ace driver. But mostly I feel greatly dismayed that trying to do somebody a favor is costing me, at the very least, a thousand dollars, because my insurance rates are going to DOUBLE as a result of this claim. I know this is what insurance is for, but I'm flabbergasted that what seemed a minor injury from a minor mishap is costing so much money. And I'm worried about how I'm going to pay for it. Being a musician, married to a musician, raising two kids, I'm already on a tight budget, and this is going to make it even tighter for the next several YEARS.

So I'm writing this letter hoping that, since the Folk Club set up this carpool, maybe the Folk Club can help me out some way. Any ideas, contributions, suggestions, inheritances? Anybody want to do a benefit concert, or help organize one? Or donate some of the proceeds of your next gig to my financially- impaired family? Even $5 or $10 donations will help. Anybody got any other great ideas? I thank you in advance. It was my first year at camp, and except for this I had a great time.

One last note--in the future, I think that if the Folk Club organizes carpools, waivers should be provided to prevent this from happening again.

Thanks for reading this long story.

Love, Ingrid Noyes, Box 194, Tomales CA 94971, 707-878-2415

Dear Ms. Petric:

In the autumn of about 1967, I was relatively new to the Bay Area, and was living in the Haight (originally in the back room of the Blue Unicorn, 1927 Hayes St. courtesy of Herb Jaeger), while serving daytimes in the Navy at Treasure Island. I was interested in folk music, and played a little guitar.

A group of hippie friends brought me to your house for a meeting of the Folk Club where, if memory serves, you served mulled wine in from of a fireplace (the first mulled wine that 20-year-old kid had ever had, which is why I remember it) -- although the fireplace may be a false or added memory (did you thrust a hot poker into the cups?)

Now I'm 51, still playing the guitar (though not much folk these days, mostly Beatles and other odd music) and have never forgotten that one evening. Rachel Holmen (editrix of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine) told me this morning that you (and the Folk Club) were still there and gave me your address, so I just had to write.

So, thanks for that warm welcome one autumn evening back in '67, and thanks for your kindness to a know-nothing kid out on his own in the world. I'll never forget it.

Steve Fahnestalk,
626 Godwin Court,Coquitlam, BC, Canada V3K 5V8; phone 604-931- 1387; e-mail <SteveF@earthling.net>. Steve would like to hear from you if you remember him!

Faith adds that if mulled wine was served it was probably the Christmas Party and she doesn't remember if she put a hot poker into cups of wine or not. Could have.

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