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From The Folknik Mar/Apr 1998

Urgent Call for SF Free Folk Festival Workshop/Demonstration Leaders

We need YOU to provide the daytime educational programming for the SF Free Folk Festival on June 13 and 14 (see Page 1)! If you'd like to present or lead a music workshop, or coordinate an instrumental or ethnic music demonstration, please contact Kathryn LaMar, 21295 Birch Street, Hayward, CA 94541, phone 510- 733-0425, e-mail <> or Laura Barnett, 665 Hamilton, Santa Clara, CA 95051, phone 408-243-7001, e-mail <>. We would like to get the program set by the beginning of April. Thank you for your support!

The Resource Directory--Here, Here

The resource directory, distributed to SFFMC members with this edition of the folknik, is the promised "second part" of the membership directory, 2 years later! Joel Pomerantz put it all together for us and deserves all the kudoes. Corrections will be printed in the folknik as we hear of them and have space to print them.

Ashkenaz Dance-A-Thon A Stomping Success

Ashkenaz raised over $40,000 at their first annual Dance-A-Thon fundraiser, which was held on Saturday, January 17. More than 2,000 dancers filled the dance floor over the 12 hour event, which featured a dozen different bands and DJs playing everything from African highlife through Balkan folkdance music to Cajun and zydeco--and more than 400 checks came in to support the purchase of the Ashkenaz building, including one large gift of $10,000 from a dancer who believes "in the transformative power of dance."

The nonprofit Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center needs to raise $100,000 by the summer of 1998 for a down payment on the Ashkenaz building, which is now owned by David Nadel's estate. David remodeled the building to resemble an Eastern European synagogue. Inside it's set up for dancing, with a wooden floor, mirrors, and a studio for dance classes. The sound system is being upgraded (aided by Meyer sound). Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center thanks everyone who has donated towards the purchase of the building. They still need $60,000 for the down payment, and are looking for investors to help with the remainder of the financing. For information, please contact Suzy Thompson by email: <>.

Ashkenaz features daytime dance classes and rehearsal space, and nighttime music and dance events. For more info on Ashkenaz programs, call 510-525-5054. The Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center is located at 1317 San Pablo Avenue, in Berkeley (near Gilman).

Farewell, Sue Hunt by Lewis Santer

Susan Christine Hunt died on Dec. 2, 1997 at Sutter General Hospital in Sacramento at the age of 48. She was born April 15, 1949, in Fargo N.D. and was a resident of the Davis and Sacramento areas for 20 years. She is survived by her mother, Christine Hunt of Fargo, ND; 4 brothers--Gary Hunt of San Francisco; Thomas Hunt of Shoreview, MN; David Hunt of Winona, MN; and Kenneth Hunt of Dillon, MT--and many nephews, nieces, grand-nephews and grand-neices who miss her dearly. In nearly 20 years of residence in the Davis and Sacramento area, she leaves many co-workers, devoted friends, and fellow musicians who still listen for her harmonies.

A rousing and moving celebration of Sue's life was held at the Palms Public Playhouse, with about 120 people attending. Donations and memorials can be made in the form of tax-deductible donations to Voices of Healing, a cancer support and recovery project in which Sue participated. Checks may be made payable to Voices of Healing and sent care of Dr. Jon Hake, 8975 Providence Lane Granite Bay, CA 95746.

Denis Franklin has shared with us a poem, about which he says, ". . . Then, somehow, the next paragraph turned into a poem. I was thinking about how the experience of Harmony seems to affect me year after year. I had been thinking about the loss of Sue Hunt. I was thinking about sadness, fear, anger, and joy. It is a prayer."

Mummer's Sun by Denis Franklin

May we cherish all the feelings of the season;
Knowing therefrom that we live and that we are separate,
But not alone.
May we sing and dance together
And be sad as each cycle of the music ends.
May we touch gently one another's faces and hearts.
May we be alive in ourselves
And in the spirits and memories of those we love and who love us.
Ever moving towards the new sun.

Don Burnham played the bassist in the new musical Chaps!, written by Jahnna Beecham and Malcolm Hillgartner, which played through February 22 at the San Jose Stage Company. The show is a "western with a British accent," featuring many famous western songs, including songs by Bob Nolan, Johnny Mercer, Tim Spencer, and Patsy Montana. Any chance of an encore run?

Joanna Cazden's new CD, Living Through History, "a tapestry of time, history, and musical styles framed in a deeply conscious, loving point of view" is put out by Ursa Major Records. Information and order form from PO Box 252, Los Alamitos, CA 90720, FAX 562-596-3272, phone 888-522-9336.

Barbara Coole had surgery on January 27. SFFMC has collectively wished her good healing thoughts and wishes, but you may individually do the same! Her snail mail address is 2631 Piner Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, and her e-mail address is <>

Dale Komai writes, "I plan to vacation in Holland and Belgium for two weeks in May. Anyone on the Harmony mailing list (ed. note--or reading the folknik) have contacts for folk dance groups in either of those two countries? Thanks a lot for your help!" Dale can be reached by phone at 510-656-6387 or by e-mail at <>.

Mary Luckhardt passed on the following advertisement from the Santa Rosa Press- Democrat--ENTERTAINMENT Entertain passengers aboard the Skunk Train. Sing and play train songs and other sing-along favorites. Must have own guitar. Part- time, seasonal. Contact Gary Milliman at the Ft. Bragg Skunk Depot, 707-964- 6371.

Forest McDonald would like to hear from any of you that want to write to him-- the correct address is 1115 Cielo Vista DelNorte, Corrales, NM 87048.

Faith Petric departed for Australia February 15, and will remain there until April 24. She writes, "I have a great working tour lined up--will be performing at 7 festivals and several folk clubs and house concerts." Way to go, Faith!

Utah Phillips's radio show Loafer's Glory airs Sundays 5-6 PM on KPFA, 94.1 FM.

Smythe's Accordion Center officially opened on Sunday, February 15, at 21 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612, phone 510-268-4084. The store will stock new and used accordions, sheet music, and accordion related items, and will also tune and repair accordions.

Neil Young, of Canyon Studios, has special rates for folk musicians, especially local people and songwriters who need to showcase their stuff! One person with a guitar can book some studio time for a nominal fee. All work is digital. Neil works with large studios, and this is his break for small folk. Contact Neil for details at Canyon Studios, at Box 13, Canyon, California, 94516; phone (510) 376 6136.

Camp California is a grassroots organization that showcases outstanding singer/ songwriters from outside the Bay Area. Each performer (or group) appears at 4 house concerts throughout the Bay Area. Shows start at 7-8 PM, and some are preceded by a pot-luck. Buddy Mondlock & Carol Elliott are coming on March 12- 15, and Mary Melena on April 2-5.

Concert contacts are: ( North Bay (Geyserville)--contact Laurie Schaeffer at 707-542-7143 or by e- mail at <>, for directions to a home in Geyserville. ( San Francisco at The Byrdhouse, 634 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco, contact Jamie Byrd at 415-641-4813, or by e-mail at <>; ( Santa Cruz, at The Resource Center for Non-Violence, 515 Broadway, Santa Cruz, contact Jeff Emery at 408-335-1310 or by e-mail at <>. ( South Bay (Midtown Palo Alto)--contact Laurel Rezeau at 650-326-9531 or by e-mail at <>, for directions to a home in Palo Alto.

The South Bay Folks (SBF) send out a monthly newsletter of radio listings, open- mike performances, song circles, jam sessions, etc. in the San Jose area. They also host open-mikes around and about. To access the SBFNews at their website, go to the URL < ~metzger/sbf/sbf.html> To subscribe or unsubscribe yourself from the SBF e-mail list, go to <http://>. If you want a paper copy of the SBF Newsletter calendar, write to South Bay Folks, 379 Hull Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125. A $5.00 donation to help defray paper mailing costs would be greatly appreciated. To submit something for SBFNews, send it to Lynne Hill, <>

A Big Mistake? I Don't Think So

Erik Hoffman has started hosting slow swing jam sessions, called "The Big Mistake," because "getting good at any of this stuff requires at least a million of them." The idea is to play through tunes, take breaks, talk about problems, etc. The first of these Big Mistakes occurred on January 29, but they are now scheduled regularly on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, from 8-10 PM, at Erik's home. To each session, feel free to bring a song or tune you want to submit. They'll go through chart writing, soloing scales, and more if needed. If you need more information, Erik can be reached by phone at 510-444-4397, or by e-mail at <>.

Beginning Autoharp Class

A beginning autoharp class, taught by Evo Bluestein, will be held at CSU Hayward on Saturday, April 25, from 8:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. This class is meant for complete beginners, but music specialists or accomplished players may also attend. Loaner autoharps are available. To register call: 510-885-3605. Evo can be reached by phone at 209-297-8966 or by e-mail at <>. He also has a website at <>.

Local Venues Editor Needed

Many thanks to Adam Miller, who has created page 8, Local Venues and worked hard on it and has now resigned due to other duties. A hard act to follow, but let's try. If you would like to see Local Venues expanded back to a whole page again, or if you are interested in finding out more about being a Local Venues editor, please e-mail Editor-in-Chief Phyllis Jardine at <>

Folknik Items

Thanks for the items from all the contributors. If you have an item for the folknik, please, please (1) read the deadlines and observe them. Where? They are printed in every issue on page 2 near the middle, page 9 above the membership coupon and on page 10 in the calendar. For the May/June issue: Friday, April 3. (2) When you send e-mail (thanks, the best way for me), it would help if besides "folknik", you would say briefly what the story is about. I get more than one per issue!

Changes to Radio Log Jan/Feb. issue

Some of the listings in the previous issue, from an Internet site, were incorrect. The correct times, according to the KPFA log: Monday 8pm-10pm KPFA Sing Out: misc folk; Larry Kelp Wednesday 10am-noon KPFA Music of the World 8pm-10 pm KPFA Dead to the World: music of the Grateful Dead Thursday 8 pm-10 pm KPFA Bonnie Simmons: rock, country, folk Saturday 12 nooon-2:00 pm KPFA Blues by the Bay: Tom Mazzolini

Little People by Roy Trumbull.

They have small upturned noses with a depressed nasal bridge. Their eyes are puffy, their ears oval, and they have broad mouths with full lips accented by a small chin. When they speak, they are given to vivid narratives and often show a talent for music and complex rhythms. They are also loving and trusting and care for the feelings of others. They prefer order and predictability and adhere rigidly to daily routines.

They are not pixies or leprechauns or any other creature of folklore, but they may have been the models for them. They are "Williams people", first described by Dr. J. C.P. Williams of New Zealand in 1961. They are missing about 15 genes from chromosome 7, which is in every cell in the body. They are retarded with an average IQ of 50, similar to Downs subjects. The difference is their unusual gift for music and story telling. Their occurrence is estimated as one in 20,000 births worldwide. Williams people were the subject of an article in the December, 1997 issue of Scientific American under the title of "Williams Syndrome and the Brain".

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