Harmony Thank-Yous

From The Folknik Mar/Apr 1998

Another wonderful Camp Harmony is over. It would be impossible to thank everyone who made it happen unless we pat all of us on the back, but we'll take a stab at noting those we know did important things. If you know of someone we left out, please contact Phillip Garrison (510) 526-5140, or pgarrison@pobox.com, and we'll acknowledge them in the next issue of the Folknik.

Through the miracle of e-mail, much of the Camp Harmony Committee's work is now done on-line. Throughout the year we benefit from the valuable contributions of committee members who live too far away to gather in person. This e-committee includes almost all of our co-ordinators and these lively electronic discussions are essential to the smooth running of camp. Twice a year we hold a general committee meeting to discuss our issues face to face and nearly every month the core committee meets to be sure that our work is on track for the year. The core committee was made up this year of Charlie Fenton, Phillip Garrison, Erik Hoffman, Ray Frank and Mary Luckhardt.

This year's e-committee was:

There are a few co-ordinators who are not on the electronic committee.

They are:

Special thanks are also due to Beth Kotkin, Laurie Vela and Barbara Mendelsohn for improving the Camp map this year, to John Gregorin who creates our unique button art, and to David Luckhardt for creating and producing the meal tickets. Thanks also to Patti Smolian for updating the road map to camp to include Highway 85 and to Robert Reed who makes sure we have a place to park once we get there. Our thanks again to the staffs of Camp Campbell and Camp Harmon, especially to Bill Greco and Elliot Dror, our camp hosts, and to Vince Ronay, the Camp Campbell caretaker.

As always, a very special thank you to Debby McClatchy, chef extraordinaire, who feeds us so well (the salmon steaks on New Year's Eve!), to Ray Frank for making her kitchen run so well, and to all the kitchen staff. This year's staff was Emily Frank, Nancy Lewis, Richard Adrianowicz, Ed Silberman, Ricky Rackin, Sharon Dimmick, Kyra, Jane McKendry and Jane Doyle.

And when the rest of us have left camp, a hardy crew, led by Nick Holbrook, stays behind to do the take down and clean up work: Charlotte Patterson, Genevieve Gerst, Phil Morgan, Margo Beattie, Art Peterson, Elizabeth Douglas, Phillip Garrison, Erik Hoffman, David Luckhardt, Katie Grist, Tom Thoreau, Lisa Archer, Wm Leler and Carol Chapman.

Thanks to all for another great year!

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