From The Folknik May/June 1998

Across the Divide - Bill Gallaher with Harmony Road

#4-1275 Pembroke St., Victoria, B.C., Canada V8T 1J7 (250) 382-7531

In the July 1996 folknik there was a very enthusiastic review of Bill Gallaher's CD "The Last Battle". Now with equal or even greater enthusiasm we report that Bill has done it again: written and recorded a great selection of original songs about real people leading real lives: outlaws, fisher folk, ordinary men and women who know tragedy, love and pain. There is also high humor, history and social commentary. You'll remember the old movies where "The Good Guys Wore White Hats" and there was no chance of confusing them with the black-hatted bad guys; you may weep with the "Song for Angela" who cut off her Indian braids because of cruel teasing by thoughtless schoolmates; experience the tragedy of "The Newfoundland Sealers" left to die on ice floes; and warm to the love of "I Will Be the One."

Harmony vocals and instrumental accompaniments are by Jake Galbraith, Mike Jones and Maureen Campbell. Maureen sings lead in "Fishing with John"; Mike sings "Lunenburg Town". Guest artists include David LoVine on bodhran; Allen DesNoyers, piano; Patty Castle, whistle; Tark Hamilton and Paddy Hernon, back-up vocals.

Here are about 75 minutes of excellently presented songs that illuminate the human condition, 15 songs all told with musical arrangements that are of the best. The CD is available from the address above for $16.50 US$ including postage. A better buy couldn't be made.

-Faith Petric.

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