Our Brand New Health and Safety Policy

From The Folknik May/June 1999

In recent years, a few incidents that happened at various camps and campouts made us realize that we needed to have a formal policy regarding exactly who should be contacted when situations occur or are observed that may pose a direct threat to the health and safety of our members and guests. So ... at the Board Meeting held on 9 March 1999, we discussed and adopted the policy printed below.

Please note that our basic "Ralph" principle is still operative! If you see a job that needs doing, do it! It is not necessary to wait for permission, and it's somewhat foolish to expect someone else to do it for you. Put up that sign, pick up that trash, organize that workshop. Here it is ... .

SFFMC Health & Safety Policy for Activities and Special Events (Adopted 9 March 1999)

1. For each special Club event (i.e., campouts and folk festivals), the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Folk Music Club will designate a club member (or members) as Health and Safety Representative(s) to establish contact with proper authorities in an emergency and, when necessary, to take immediate action to protect the health, safety, and security of event participants.

2. If a health, safety, or security issue arises during such an event, participants should immediately contact (a) the designated Club Health and Safety Representative, or (b) the camp ranger (or property manager), or (c) both.

3. No animals may be brought to or kept at Club events by participants except animals assisting the disabled.

4. No firearms are permitted at Club events.

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