News From Ashkenaz

by Suzy Thompson

From The Folknik Nov/Dec 1998

[Editor's note: The original application deadline for the Ashkenaz Managing Director position was October 25, but Suzy indicated that the position would probably not be filled by the time you read this. But do apply ASAP.]

The nonprofit organization that took over Ashkenaz's operations after owner David Nadel's murder, has bought the building from Nadel's estate. Over $150,000 was raised for a down payment, and the rest was covered by 2 mortages -- one from the Community Bank of the Bay and the other from a consortium of Ashkenaz supporters. Escrow closed at the end of June, 1998!

Ashkenaz is now embarking on a new and exciting phase: hiring a Managing Director to take charge of the organization. This is a full-time salaried position, with benefits. This person should have a committment to the club's longtime mission of bringing people together through participatory ethnic and folk dance, and also have expertise in managing both finances and people. Interested parties should send their resume to Ashkenaz, Attn: JOB SEARCH, 1317 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley CA 94702. Prospective applicants should not call Ashkenaz, but may phone me at 510-848-5018, or email me at <> for a more detailed job description.

Ashkenaz also wants to expand the pool of available sound people to work at the club. Pay is $50 per weeknight, $80 per weekend night. Usually the sound person arrives at about 7:30, and the ending time varies from night to night. Interested people should send a resume (or an informal but legible note) detailing their experience doing live sound, to Ashkenaz, Attn: SOUND PERSON, 1317 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley CA 94705. Please direct questions to me (not Ashkenaz) at 510-848-5018 or <>.

For information on upcoming shows at Ashkenaz, please call the Ashkenaz office: 510-525-5054. Ashkenaz is located at 1317 San Pablo Ave (near Gilman), in Berkeley. All ages are welcome, and there's security parking across the street in the REI lot.

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