From The Folknik Nov/Dec 1998

Dear Friends,

I can't tell you how many times over the past few years I''e thought of writing, but as they say ... better late than never. I finally decided I'd better get it together while there are still people in the club who remember me. Mostly I just wanted to send my love and tell you all that I am well and happy, and although you haven't seen me in about five years, I keep track of you every time I sit down with a cup of tea and my recent folknik.

Just to fill you in, I got married to a wonderful guy (Matthew), moved to Corvallis, Oregon, and still travel back and forth to London for work. Things have taken off and I'm writing like a fiend, but still get most of my pleasure from my garden, walks with the pooch, and living in this great little town. I've been singing on and off with a couple of great bands in the area and playing some banjo whenever I get the chance.

There's great people up here and a pretty active folk club. There are many incredible camps ("Silver Falls" in October and "Westwind" in May), tons of concerts and contra dances, and great pot lucks!

I don't know why it's been so hard to get down to one of the SFFMC campouts or Harmony . but I want you to know I think of you and cherish so many great memoreies I've had singing and playing under those beautiful northern California trees!

So . a long overdue "HOWDY" to all, and I urge you to come up here!

Love and Hugs, Barbara Slade

Shortly after the SF Free Folk Festival, Helen Dilworth wrote:

"I attended your festival for the first time last week and was profoundly impressed by the quality offerings, and the spirit of the participants (and amazed by the free admission). More power to you all!".

Richard Hein has moved to Fullerton and says: "I still miss San Francisco and camping with SFFMC...I am unable to find anything REMOTELY like the SFFMC in the Fullerton Area. There sems to be good music l hr drive to the north or l hr drive to the south. But Fullerton and the surrounding area seems a cultural wasteland to me (folk music-wise). Please continue sending the newsletter..." Information to help Richard out can be sent to him at 402 W. Valencia Mesa Drive #F, Fullerton, CA 92835.

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