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Welcome to Camp New Harmony

Have we got a pleasant surprise for you! Our new site is nestled in the rolling hills between Calistoga and Santa Rosa, about an hour and 15 minutes from San Francisco. New Comforts! Lower Rates! New Woods and Trails! Drier Weather! Every cabin has indoor plumbing! More Privacy! Lots of spaces for workshops, jamming, dancing and concerts! Same Wonderful People and Music! FIRST-TIMERS ARE WELCOME! Whatever your past Camp Harmony experience, you're going to love our new location!

Once again, we want to thank chef Debby McClatchy for her many years of dedicated, delicious service. Our new camp has a kosher kitchen with its own staff and we have worked closely with them to create a custom menu to delight the folkie palate.

To make New Harmony more affordable to all our members we have lower rates across the board and significantly lower rates for those under 30! And camperships, up to 50%, are still available. Read the Camp New Harmony registration form available on the SFFMC main web page (it also came with the September/October folknik) and contact Katie at (510) 548-4727 for more INFO. (The registration form will also be available on this page soon -- watch this space.)

Our new facilities provide a much wider variety of housing options, all with full indoor bathrooms. These range from 2-person motel units to cozy cabins that accommodate up to 4 and larger dorms that can house families or groups of friends that want to have a more communal experience. The motel units and some of the larger dorms are up a steep climb or flights of stairs from the center of camp. Otherwise, there are lots of comfortable spaces a stone's throw from most activities.

Our lease requires that all housing be pre-assigned by Dec. 20th and cannot be changed when you arrive at camp. You'll indicate your housing preference on the registration form. All drop-ins will be housed in a separate area unless they have confirmed other arrangements with Katie by Dec. 20th. If you're not sure as to what kind of housing is right for you, don't hesitate to contact Katie.

The camp prohibits tents and RVs; if you have stayed in these over previous New Years please contact Katie to discuss housing arrangements.

Visit for more information, online copies of the registration and membership forms, photographs of camp, and further updates! We are looking forward to ringing in the New Year with you at our new home.

-- The New Harmony Committee

Fold-in/Folk Sing October 26

The fold-in is at noon, Sunday, October 26, at the home of Joan Hall & Abe Feinberg. The more, the merrier. Help with the folknik, enjoy a meal afterwards, and make music. Bring a potluck dish and instruments.

Faith Petric -- Poster Girl

Faith is 'poster girl' for the upcoming Rosie the Riveter festival!

The Rosie the Riveter/Home Front National Historical Park will hold its annual Home Front Gathering and Reunion as part of the Richmond Home Front festival on Saturday and Sunday, October 4-5. Richmond is home to the historic Kaiser Shipyards that built 747 ships, more than any other shipyard in the nation during World War II.

As part of celebrating the work of women on the home front during the conflict, our own Faith Petric -- herself a "Rosie" who worked in the Hoboken Shipyard in the early 1940's -- will be honored as the festival's "poster girl."

Sunday's festivities begin at 11:00 am. in the Craneway of the old Ford Plant at the end of Marina Way South and run until 3:00 pm. They include music from the period, coordinated, and some performed, by SFFMC members. A presentation to Faith will take place in the afternoon; y'all come and cheer!

Other activities include tours of the Memorial and the ship Red Oak Victory, now undergoing restoration, as well as exhibits featuring the former shipyards and story exchanges among the far-flung workers who will return to share their life stories.

National Park Service Ranger Betty Soskin is working with Club members on this effort. Betty is SFFMC member Bob Reid's mother, and claims she's the oldest park ranger on the planet!

For festival INFO go to To volunteer and assist with the Club's part in this event, contact Ed Hilton (

Volunteer at Old-Time Convention

The Berkeley Old-Time Music Convention is coming soon! The festival is September 11-14, with a kickoff square dance in the Mission on Sept 10. Check the website,, for the full details. It should be a very fun year, and we hope you'll come to an event or five!

Please consider volunteering at the festival in exchange for admission to a show or dance, and help us spread the word that we're looking for lots of help! Many different jobs are available on all days. We are also looking for people to post flyers and posters around town as soon as possible.

There is a non-mandatory -- but fun -- Volunteer Orientation on Sunday, Sept 7, 11:00-1:00. Bring instruments! Refreshments will be served. Please contact Amy Hofer at for details on the volunteer jobs available and for more information on the Orientation.

Calling All Concertinas

Daniel Hirsch is happy to announce the first gathering of Bay Area concertina players held in the last five years. It'll be on Saturday, September 20, from 2:00-5:00 or 6:00 pm. We'll meet at the home of a local player who lives in the East Bay near the Berkeley-Albany border.

Players of all levels, concertina types and musical styles are welcome. Attendees are encouraged to bring a snack to share. This will be an informal gathering, most likely with no set agenda. The house where we're holding it is big enough to have several different musical things going on at the same time. For INFO, address and directions email Daniel at

A Wealth of Music on YouTube

Adam Miller alerted us that Sam Hinton instructional harmonica videos have been permanently reposted to YouTube. You can find them here: or by searching YouTube for "sam hinton harmonica." Actually, YouTube holds an incredible collection of folk music footage: contemporary, archival and everything in between.

Inspired by Adam and Sam, I searched "folk music american" to see what I could dig up. It turned into a good hour session as one gem led to the next. "Folk music english" is a great search too and I'll have to make time soon for "folk music irish." Searching on just "folk music" brought up the music of every culture I've never heard of but would now like to hear more of. And once I thought to search for particular artists, one hour became two.

Some highlights were: a 1947 Alan Lomax documentary narrated by Pete Seeger; episodes from Pete Seeger's short-lived 1960s TV show Rainbow Quest (I watched the one with Rev. Gary Davis and Donovan!); rare, live footage of Woody Guthrie from 1945; a 1965 documentary on the Watersons; recent pub singing of the Copper Family; Bob Dylan singing with Joan Baez at Newport; and footage of Leadbelly performing several songs. All that didn't even scratch the surface and given the pool contributing, the collection will only grow richer.

And speaking of growing the collection, all this great footage made me wonder what might be languishing around in SFFMC members' attics or at Faith's in the club library. On the question of what to do with old media before it degrades, maybe digitized to YouTube could be part of a viable answer; you'd certainly be in good company. Meanwhile, enjoy what's posted now!

-- Susan

Fresno Folk Music Concerts

Upcoming in the concert series put on by the Fresno Folklore Society are several folk music legends.

Sept 2, Paddy Keenan, renowned Uillean piper performs with Tommy O'Sullivan, one of Ireland's premiere guitarists and singers. Seating is limited to 80 people. Tickets: $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

Oct 4, Peggy Seeger performs for the 4th Gene Bluestein Memorial Concert. $20 advance, $25 at the door.

INFO on both concerts, venues and performers:

World Harmony Chorus

The World Harmony Chorus starts up again September 15/16, with a repertoire of wonderful music from around the world.

The Mountain View chorus rehearses on Mondays, 7:30-9:30 pm, starting Sept. 15. The Oakland chorus rehearses on Tuesdays, 7:30-9:30 pm, starting Sept. 16. This year, the Oakland chorus will be directed by Betsy Blakeslee, a wonderfully talented and charismatic teacher and Daniel Steinberg continues to lead the Mountain View chorus.

Members of both groups come together for public performances. There will be two 'sessions': Sept-Jan, and Feb-Jun. There is a fee for participation, with work study and scholarships available...this will all be discussed at rehearsals. Nobody will be excluded for financial reasons.

Everyone is welcome, there are no auditions and no singing experience is necessary (experienced singers are also welcome, and there are solo opportunities for those who would like them). All ages are welcome, though children under 10 might find it a bit daunting. The chorus will perform several times throughout the year, principally in December and in the spring.

Singing in a chorus is one of the most exciting and spiritual experiences in the world. I encourage you to come and check it the end of the first session, you'll be amazed at what the group can achieve.

Please join us for another fun and musical season! Just show up at a rehearsal and check it out. Visit for more INFO or call Daniel Steinberg at (650) 947-9669.

-- Daniel

Hyde Street Sea Music Events

Apologies for the lack of contact information in last issue's article about the Sea Music Concert Series at Hyde Street Pier. A quick update:

The 20th annual Sea Music Concert Series takes place aboard the floating 1886 historic ship Balclutha. Tickets: $14, or both concerts for $24. For more information, and to purchase tickets: 415-561-6662, ext. 33. Tickets also sold, if still available, on concert night, at Hyde Street Pier entrance, from 7:00 pm. Entry to pier and ship begins 7:30 pm.

Performers are:

For more details on these excellent musicians, please see the article in the previous folknik or the more comprehensive band biographies at

In addition to the Annual Concert Series, Holdstock & MacLeod will perform a "Songs of Sea Labor" concert on Labor Day, Sept 1, also at Hyde Street Pier. More details on the Club News page of this folknik.