Folknik Fold-Ins/Parties
Are They an Endangered Species?

From The Folknik Sept/Oct 1998

The next one is Saturday, Nov. 7 at noon in, Kensington, (510) 524-9815. Bring a potluck dish and an instrument and join in the potluck meal and sing that follow the fold-in. Will the fold-ins continue?

Have you heard this before? There are a few people who are doing all the work, and we need help. It's true now.

Every two months we send out over 1200 copies of the folknik near and far-to California, to other states, and even some to other countries. This takes a lot of work.

At the fold-ins, many of the workers are people who are also on the SFFMC Board and the folknik staff. Lots of thanks to the others who come and collate, fold, staple, put on the address labels and get the folknik ready to mail. Meeting the complicated postal requirements to get our bulk rate requires more work after the copies are folded, stapled and addressed. Then the bags of folkniks have to be taken to the post office.

Our whole newsletter is done by volunteers-the writing, editing, printing and the fold-in work.

Can we get enough volunteers to continue doing the mailing ourselves? It's up to you, the members. Fold-in dates are usually in three places in each folknik: the front page, page 2, and the calendar. Come and help out the club and stay for the potluck and sing afterwards.

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