Camp Harmony Notes

From The Folknik Sept/Oct 1998

Donation of Couches and a Piano needed

Are you getting rid of your old living room furniture this fall? Camp Harmony will need couches! If they are washable (naugahyde or similar), the YMCA can keep them as a donation. If you donate a cloth couch, we will need to remove it after camp, so we would prefer the former. The camp could also use a PIANO. Almost anything would be better than what is currently being used at camp, and it will be tuned just before we get there.

You can receive a tax deduction for the donation of either of these items to the SFFMC. We can probably arrange transportation for items donated.

If you have couches or pianos you don't want any more, contact Mary Luckhardt ( or 510-233-5065).

Flu Shots Recommended

To be most effective, flu shots should be administered at least 6 weeks before exposure. That means getting one by mid-November if you are coming to Camp Harmony and don't want the Camp Crud to hit you.

Editor's note: Members-for more details about Camp Harmony, see the registration and information sheets and also the previous issue of the folknik. The November/December folknik may also have further information.

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