New Harmony - SFFMC's New Years Camp

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 - Monday, January 1, 2018

Join your friends in celebrating New Year 2017-2018 at Camp New Harmony
Please register early!

Think about teaching a workshop at Camp!

The new Lower Village Cabins are finished!  One of the Field Cabins is in the background, and the road up to the Red Cabins and Hotel rooms is open again.

We had a great time last year at Camp New Harmony in the mountains between Santa Rosa and Calistoga -- and are looking forward to repeating it this year. 

The SFFMC is proud to announce another year of New Harmony.  New Harmony is held at Camp Newman in the rolling wooded hills between Santa Rosa and Calistoga.

This venue for our long-standing winter camp is a year-round camp and retreat center that provides improved facilities on a site that is both compact and spacious. We have more places to gather and less ground to cover in between; there are a variety of halls and gathering spaces to meet all our workshop, dancing, and jamming needs.

The Dance Hall has a great fieldstone fireplace and big window-walls looking onto the lawns, trees, and forested hillsides. All buildings have easy access with paved paths and ramps and there are bathrooms in every building.

Accommodations range from group dorm-style housing to motel-like doubles, and construction has just completed for the new Lower Village cabins, plus the new main building:  the Welcome Center on the lower lever,  Health Lodge on the second floor, and "Penthouse Suites" on the third floor (no elevators),  located near all the central buildings for those who require the most convenient homebase at camp.

A rough panorama of the area between the Dining Hall and the new Health Lodge floor of the Welcome Center building

Another view of the new Lower Village Cabins

Lead a workshop, begin a new instrument, join in a jam or sing along. Hike through the woods, make new friends over cider or while jamming, and do it all surrounded by folks making music and having fun.

We're a home made camp, and we put it on for each other. It's a wonderful, supportive environment for trying out new things. Here it's easy to take the first steps at teaching, whether calling a first dance, teaching a beginning instrument class, or leading a song for the first time. Some folks have found the inspiration to write a song or tune at camp, and the evening concert has debuted some keepers.

You never know what will happen, it all depends on who shows up. Will it be you?

Think about teaching a workshop at Camp!